Ludogorets vs FC Ballkani: Who Dominated the Stats?

Sports enthusiasts and football fans are always on the lookout for in-depth analysis of matches and their statistics. With the digital age, it is easy for statistics and match analysis to be available to fans across the globe. As such, we bring to you an exciting analysis of the match ludogorets vs fc ballkani stats! Get ready to dive into the numbers and discover the insights that the match had in store.

Let’s start off with the basics- the scoreline. The game ended with Ludogorets winning 3-0 over FC Ballkani. While it sounds like a one-sided game, the statistics show that Ballkani actually had more possession- 52% as opposed to Ludogorets’ 48%. This shows that even though Ballkani may have had the ball more, Ludogorets was more clinical with their possession and they made it count, which is a crucial aspect of game dynamics.

Moving on to shots taken, it’s easy to assume that Ludogorets had the upper hand. But the statistics show that Ballkani actually had more shots on target – 6 as compared to Ludogorets’ 5. While the number of shots is important, the accurate placement of those shots is even more important, and this is where Ludogorets proved their worth. They made the most of their opportunities and three of their five shots on target resulted in goals.

Another aspect that is essential in a match is passing accuracy. Ballkani had a higher passing accuracy – 78% compared to Ludogorets’79%. However, this small difference in accuracy is negligible when we look at the number of passes. Ludogorets made 377 passes while Ballkani completed only 309 passes- A colossal difference between the teams. It shows that Ludogorets were playing a game of calculated passes even if they had fewer possession minutes.

Going further in the analysis, we can take a look at the fouls committed. The game had a total of 6 fouls – 3 each from both sides. This statistic shows that the game was played with high intensity but not at the expense of unnecessary fouls. Disciplined gameplay is significant when analyzing the quality of the game, and this was evident in both teams in this match.

Finally, we come to the substitutes. Both teams used their maximum allocation of 5 substitutes. However, the statistics show that Ludogorets’ substitutes had a better impact on the game- the substitutes contributed a goal and an assist, while Ballkani’s substitutes did not have any significant impact on the game. This shows that the Ludogorets bench was better prepared and more effective in the game.


The thrilling Ludogorets vs FC Ballkani game had more to it than what was initially seen on the surface, especially when delving into the match statistics. Ludogorets emerged victorious not only because of their clinical finishing, but also due to their game plan and calculated passes. The fouls and substitutes played their part, but it was the statistics that revealed the hidden details that made the game all the more exciting. We can only hope that future matches continue to bring such excitement and numbers that keep us on the edge of our seats!