A complete encyclopedia on the treatment of unequal eyes

A complete encyclopedia on the treatment of unequal eyes

Are you concerned about the look of your eyes? Are your eyes small or droopy? Then be sure you are facing the problem of unequal eyes [ตาไม่เท่ากัน, which is the term in Thai].

You might not be able to see properly due to this issue. So the perfect solution is eye surgery.

Main causes of unequal eyes

There are many reasons for you to have unequal eyes. It might be genetic or other reasons like uneven face structure or both sides of your face might have a small height of cheekbones and eyebrows or presence of weak eye muscle leading to the layering of your eyes or uneven eye sockets, etc.

Reasons to undergo this surgery

Apart from enhancement of your eye look, there are other advantages of undergoing uneven eye surgery.

  • It opens up your black eye and also your eyelids so that you can see properly without any glitch
  • Moreover, the application of double eyelid stickers can cause the weakening of your eye muscles. Whereas this surgery is simple without any side effects. 

Caring your eyes

Since the eyes are one of the most delicate parts of your body, you need to take special care after completion of this surgery.

  • The first 48 hours after your surgery is very crucial. You need to apply a compress gel for quick recovery from this surgery.
  • You should always sleep with your head placed on a fat pillow to reduce the swelling problem of your eyes
  • If there is any wound, clean it twice a day with antiseptic lotion to avoid any complications.
  • Always wear protective gear like glasses to prevent direct contact with dirt, dust, and wind.

So caring for your eyes and maintaining their beauty is in your hands. Surgeries can help you to get a clear vision and smooth look. But it is you who need to keep your eyes safe from any contamination after such surgery.

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